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Issue #3 Winter (December/January)

Updated: Feb 2



Yuu Ikeda- is a Japan based poet. She loves writing, reading novels, western art, and sugary coffee. She writes poetry on her website.

Her latest poetry collection “Seasons Echoing Around Me” was published from Free Lines Press.


Martha Vandivier- I am a mom, wife, and veteran teacher. I have always loved writing and in the last few years I have gotten more passionate and intentional with the craft. Poems have become my creative outlet and journey. I am honored to share my words with you!

Abigail Myers- I live on Long Island, New York, where I write poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. My essays have appeared in the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture series, with a personal essay forthcoming from Phoebe in winter 2023. My microfiction recently appeared in Heart Balm, and I also have poetry forthcoming from Roi Fainéant, Amethyst Review, Rough Diamond Poetry, and Unlimited Literature. You can keep up with me at

and @abigailmyers (still on Twitter).


Alex Missall- studied creative writing at the University of Cincinnati. His work has appeared in "Alexandria Quarterly," "Superpresent," and "Hole In The Head Review," as well as other publications. He resides in rural Ohio, where he enjoys the trails with his Husky, Betts.


Albert Padilla- lives in Prescott Valley, Arizona with his wife Roxanne, his 10 year old son Anthony, and their two Yorkies Tito and Kylo. He is new on his writing journey and this will be his second published piece. You can follow him on Instagram @ ray_ldhc


Edward Hemstreet- is an artist & writer from the clay of New Jersey. His work has been featured in several past publications, but now focuses largely on visual art. Outside of art, he may be found exploring New Jersey parks, indulging in high fidelity audio, or making tea for people he loves.


Kelly Conroy- I am a children’s book writer and poet, a member of SCBWI and Poets’ Garage, and am represented by Sarah Stephens at Red Fox Literary. I was initially inspired to write by my cousins, Stan and Jan Berenstain, creators of the Berenstain Bears, and continue to be inspired by my two rambunctious sons and mini goldendoodle, Chewy. My poems appear in Pomelo Book’s THINGS WE EAT, THINGS WE FEEL, and WHAT IS A FRIEND?, on Better Than Starbucks, and in Bridget Magee’s 10.10 POETRY ANTHOLOGY and TWO TRUTHS AND A FIB ANTHOLOGY. I also have a board book coming out in 2025 that is yet to be announced.

Achlys - is 18 years old, and a student at the University of the Philippines. My interests are sports, Filipino poetry, music, food, and Kdrama. I used to be a student journalist who specialized in writing editorials in Filipino while also participating in sports. Additionally, I enjoy creating poems in our native tongue; before, I used to produce one every day.


Helga Kidder- lives in the Tennessee hills with her husband. She writes poetry linking nature and self. Her poems have been published in Conestoga Zen, Poetry South, American Diversity Report and others. She has five collections of poetry, Wild Plums, Luckier than the Stars, Blackberry Winter, Loving the Dead which won the Blue Light Press Book Award 2020, and Learning Curve - poems about immigration and assimilation.


KB Ballentine- loves to travel and practice sword fighting and Irish step dancing: those Scottish and Irish roots run deep! When not tucked in a corner reading or writing, she makes daily classroom appearances to her students. Learn more at


Jerome Berglund- recently nominated for the 2022 Touchstone awards, graduated from the University of Southern California’s Cinema-Television Production program and spent a picaresque decade in the entertainment industry before returning to the midwest where he was born and raised. Since then he has worked as everything from dishwasher to paralegal, night watchman to assembler of heart valves. Jerome has exhibited many poems in a variety of forms online and in print, most recently in the Asahi Shimbun, Bear Creek, Bamboo Hut, Cold Moon Journal, Scarlet Dragonfly, Under the Basho, and the Zen Space.


Gina Manchego- is a multi-medium artist and poet. She has been penning since childhood, her goal is to create dynamic scenes with the written word. Gina lives in the wild mountains of Colorado, USA. Her other work can be experienced at. Twitter: @GiUknit



Emily Holewczynski- is a PB/MG/YA author, mom of five, member of the National MS Society and SCBWI [2022 Becky Mabry scholarship + Eight-and-Under Scholarship], and a 2022 Summer Middle Grade Rogue Mentee. She currently balances freelance writing with caring for her awesome kids—four girls, and one spoiled baby boy.


Mike Owsley- is an author and activist. You can find him on twitter @BigMikeOwsley. His short stories can be found in The QRM Zine and The Castle of Horror Anthology. His poetry is in Unstamatic.


Sharon J Korzelius- is a writer, photographer, and outdoor enthusiast. You can find her at the keyboard, behind the pages of a book, in the garden, on a bike, or playing ball, and always with a camera. Visit her on Twitter @SharonKorzelius and IG @sharonkorzwrites

Lindsay Holeman- A K-2 ESL educator and student advocate for over ten years, Lindsay Holeman enjoys writing about social justice and current issues surrounding the field of Education, among other topics. Her poetry has been published online and in print with Hickory Playgrounds, Sensations Magazine, Vox Poetica, and with the Raritan Valley Federation of Libraries in their 2022 Poetry Month Celebration Anthology. In Sept, Lindsay performed at the New York City Poetry Festival. Most recently, her work was published in the When Women Speak Anthology and is available for purchase. Contact her directly for more information. Follow her on Instagram: @Pointe_Shoe_Poet


Sam Calhoun- is a writer and photographer living in Elkmont, AL. He is the author of one chapbook, “Follow This Creek” (Foothills Publishing). His poems have appeared in Pregnant Moon Review, Westward Quarterly, Offerings, Waterways, and other journals. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram @weatherman_sam

Samantha Carr- writes poetry and flash fiction as well as teaching creative workshops. Her poetry has been published in Acumen, The Storms Journal and Causley International. In her spare time, she enjoys trying to spot identical snowflakes. She regularly writes micro fiction on Twitter


Zaqary Fekete- has worked as a teacher in Hungary, Moldova, Romania, China, and Cambodia, lives and works as a writer in Minnesota. Enjoys books, podcasts, and long, slow films.


Daniel Morford- lives off grid in the mountains of Northern California near where he was born and raised by his "back to the land" parents. Daniel is a regenerative farmer, author, and father of three. A lover of philosophy, meditation, yoga, and the outdoors. His writing reflects these passions of farming, spirit, nature, and his family.


David. C. Nobes- is a scientist who, aside from 2 years on Vancouver Island, spent his first 39 years in or near Toronto, Canada, then 23 years based in Christchurch, New Zealand, 4 years in China, and has now retired to Bali. He used to enjoy winter, but admits that he doesn’t miss the snow or the cold.


Gregory Schwartz- Pollak Theater Monmouth U, Moscow 89

Rolling Stone: picture Bamboozle Poet 2010

Street Team Innovation, Headcount Volunteer

2007 Poet Laureate Asbury Park,

Featured front page story Asbury Park Press March 19 2002. Featured Article Asbury Park Press May 22 2009. Featured front page Asbury Park Press "Asbury Rock and Roll Poet" Aug.20.2012

Featured in the Steve Forbert Video "Sandy"

Hartke Systems Bass Space resident MC Skate & Surf Break Contest


Aaliyah Anderson- (she/her) is a junior majoring in Literary Arts at her high school in Petersburg, VA. Her work is forthcoming in Sour Cherry Mag and miniMAG. She's obsessed with storytelling.


Joanna C Baes- an 18 year old college freshman student, studies Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at University of the Philippines Los Banos, Laguna. One of her fanarts, a scene from a Harry Potter film, is posted on’s Facebook page, the #1 wizarding world fansite. Her artworks and other fanarts are posted on her personal website at


Bud Sturguess- was born in the small cotton-and-oil town of Seminole, Texas. He now lives in his "adopted hometown," Amarillo. Sturguess has self-published several books, his latest being the novel Sick Things. His work appears in the print anthologies Mid/South from Belle Point Press, and The Daily Drunk's From Parts Unknown. He lives on disability benefits and collects neckties.


Chris Wood- lives in Tennessee with her husband and several fur babies. She is a member of the Chattanooga Writers' Guild and her work has appeared in several journals and online publications, including Poetry Quarterly, Panapoly, and the American Diversity Report. Learn more at


Linda Crate- (she/her) is a Pennsylvanian writer whose poetry, short stories, articles, and reviews have been published in a myriad of magazines both online and in print. She has eleven published chapbooks the latest being: fat & pretty (Dancing Girl Press, June 2022), and three micro-chapbooks Heaven Instead (Origami Poems Project, May 2018), moon mother (Origami Poems Project, March 2020), and & so I believe (Origami Poems Project, April 2021). She is also the author of the novella Mates (Alien Buddha Publishing, March 2022).


Screams Of Unfettered Minds- is a newly-founded trio of females who prefer their art and poems to speak for them. After many years they finally decided to do something about all the words, sentences, visions and images that have always swum around, uninvited, in their heads. SOUM describe their poetry style as raw, unfiltered, cheeky, unapologetic, straight-from-the-heart pieces with a pinch of shadow-work.


Pip McDonald- (she/her) or the Notorious P.I.P. works in higher education and is also an experimental performance poet. She has recently performed at High Tide Festival in Twickenham, Wandsworth Fringe festival and the Newcastle Poetry festival open mic. She has recently published original poetry in the Aayo Magazine, Spilling Cocoa and the Sun, Hometown, Nature poetry anthologies edited by Sourav Sarkar. You can follow Pip on Twitter: @PipMac6.


Natalie Nee- is a bibliophile, graduate of Colorado State University, former ghostwriter, and latte enthusiast. She is passionate about creating stories that provoke both thought and emotion. Her debut novel, a domestic thriller, will be going out on submission in 2023. Her poem, Unnoticed, was just accepted with Half and One. When she's not writing or getting lost in a book, you can find her with her incredible fam enjoying life. She’s cooler on Twitter @WriterNatalieN Instagram: @authornatalienee and website:


Richard Ankers- is the English author of The Eternals Series and Britannia Unleashed. Richard has featured in Expanded Field Journal, Love Letters To Poe, Spillwords, and feels privileged to have appeared in many more. Richard lives to write.


We want to give a huge thank you to every single person who contributed to this issue! You all were fantastic and it was an honor to work with you!

We would like to greatly encourage all of you reading to go follow all who have contributed to this issue and to check out the mics listed below!

If you run a mic in your area and want to promote it through our next issue please send us an e-mail at

Include social media of the events if available or an image/flyer of the event or a list of all the mics in your area!

Also, the submissions are open for the V-day issue until March 1st! Send us your heartbreak, your love, your lust, your vday horror!

We are here to join our communities together, lift eachother up, and spread poetry and art across the world!

Thank you so much

Florence and Daulton

Editorial Team at P.A.Ps Literary Magazine

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